Catholic Tuition Organization


  • What is a School Tuition Organization? It is a charitable organization that receives voluntary cash contributions from Iowa taxpayers and then allocates those funds in the form of tuition assistance to eligible families who attend accredited nonpublic schools represented by the School Tuition Organization. 
  • What type of taxpayers can contribute to a School Tuition Organization?  Individuals, S-corporations, C-corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts.
  • Does this program interface with the existing tuition tax credit offered to taxpayers in Iowa? No. The tuition tax credit program is completely separate from the donations to a School Tuition Organization. The tuition tax credit program provides a tax credit to parents/guardians for the first 25% of tuition and textbooks paid by the parents to an accredited school up to a maximum credit of $250 per child in grades K-12.
  • How much of my donation will be given to eligible families? The law requires that at least ninety percent of all donations be distributed as grants to qualifying families within twelve months of receipt of the gift. The School Tuition Organization may use up to ten percent of the proceeds for out of pocket expenses such as printing costs, mailing fees, and administration of the program realized while overseeing the program.
  • What is the total dollar amount of tax credits that can be issued statewide by all of the approved School Tuition Organizations? Statewide, tax credits equaling $15 million each year can be issued.
  • What are the other School Tuition Organizations in Iowa?  There are 12 organizations in Iowa who offer these same tax credits.  The contact information is available here.
Students in Service at Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines

Students in Service at Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines

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