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The Diocese of Des Moines established a school tuition organization (STO) in 2006 which provides significant tax advantages for donors resulting in tuition assistance awards for families.

Donations to the CTO are used to provide tuition assistance to eligible families whose children attend one of the sixteen Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines.  The criteria for receiving assistance is based on family size and income. The Catholic Tuition Organization awards at least ninety percent of the revenue to eligible families.

A financial contribution to the Catholic Tuition Organization will provide the donor a 65% Iowa tax credit based on the amount of the contribution and the gift of knowing they helped to make a Catholic education available to many children who previously did not have the opportunity to attend the school of their choice.

Kids at Shelby County Catholic School, Harlan

Kids at Shelby County Catholic School, Harlan

Participating Schools

Qualified families at the following schools will benefit from the money raised by the Catholic Tuition Organization:

  • Christ the King School, Des Moines
  • Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines
  • Holy Family School, Des Moines
  • Holy Trinity School, Des Moines
  • Sacred Heart School, West Des Moines
  • Saint Albert Catholic Schools, Council Bluffs
  • Saint Anthony School, Des Moines
  • Saint Augustin School, Des Moines
  • Saint Francis of Assisi School, West Des Moines
  • Saint Luke the Evangelist Catholic School, Ankeny
  • Saint Malachy School, Creston
  • Saint Patrick School, Perry
  • Saint Pius X School, Urbandale
  • Saint Joseph School, Des Moines
  • Saint Theresa School, Des Moines
  • Shelby County Catholic School, Harlan

Board of Directors

  • Scott Flood, President
  • Jim Hagenbucher, Vice President
  • Dr. Sergio Loch, Treasurer
  • Chris Cleghorn, Secretary
  • Matt Ahmann
  • Chris Coleman
  • Paul Drey
  • Marty Flaherty
  • Dr. Stephen Gruba
  • Sue Honkamp
  • Tim Jameson
  • Fr. Ray McHenry
  • Matt Meendering
  • T. J. Pattermann
  • Kara Pollpeter
  • Rob Szalay

Ex-Officio Members

  • Bruce Baker, Legal Counsel
  • Donna Bishop, Diocesan Superintendent of Schools
  • Paul Carlson, Diocese-Director of Finance
  • Maureen Kenney, Diocese-Director of Stewardship



  • Jeanne Wells, Executive Director
  • Lauren Elliott, Marketing/Administrative Assistant


Bishop Richard Pates'
Letter of Support


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