Catholic Tuition Organization


With your help, we can make Catholic education available to many Iowa families and offer them the ability to choose the educational setting that best meets the needs of their children.

Catholic schools offer excellent academics within the context of Catholic practice while teaching values, individual responsibility and discipline. Most of all, Catholic schools afford the best opportunity for education of the whole child: mind, body and soul. We believe every student should have the choice of a Catholic education, and with your support, we will help make Catholic education more affordable for every child.

As an Iowa taxpayer, you can contribute to the Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO) and receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65 percent of your donation. A portion of the amount you contribute also qualifies as a charitable deduction when you itemize on your Federal tax return.

Student from Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines

Student from Dowling Catholic High School, West Des Moines

The Catholic Tuition Organization will provide donors with a written accounting of all gifts upon receipt and will issue the tax credit certificate by mid-January of the following year.


Total tax credits available each year are limited and will be provided to donors on a first-come basis. We ask that all pledges are paid no later than December 1st. After December 1st, reserved tax credits are released and available to any donor. To pledge, please Pledge Online or download 2021 Donation & Pledge Form.

The simplest and most frequently used method of providing support for the CTO is a through a cash donation. The Catholic Tuition Organization accepts gifts made by check, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card authorization (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). True cash gifts (not checks), regardless of the amount, must be evidenced by a receipt from the charitable organization. To provide an outright gift, please Donate Online or download Donate Online.

Contributions can be managed on a monthly or quarterly basis by an electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from your checking or savings account. By completing the EFT Form and Donation Form, your contribution is easily fulfilled by spreading your payments out over the year, rather than writing one large check.

An outright gift of appreciated securities, or stock, to the CTO is a quick and easy way to make a meaningful gift, avoid the capital gains tax and receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift.

Gifts of securities should be initiated by the donor no later than December 1st to be confident that the transaction is completed by year-end. Please complete a Pledge On-line indicating the quantity and name of the security being donated.

To provide a gift of stock, please download the Stock Transfer Instructions form.

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