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2021 Tax Credits Gone – Other Options Available

by Jeanne Wells Thill, executive director, CTO | Published October 18, 2021

The 75% Iowa tax credits available from the Catholic Tuition Organization have all been allocated for 2021.  The increase to 75% not only encouraged donors to increase their own contribution but also encouraged new donors to support the Catholic Tuition Organization.

There are several other options for donors to consider:

  1.  A charitable contribution can still be accepted by CTO and the donor is eligible for traditional tax deductibility on both state and federal tax returns.  Those contributions will also be used for tuition assistance for qualifying families.
  2. Other school tuition organizations in Iowa, who offer the same 75% tax credits as CTO, have tax credits available.  If you are interested in donating to Catholic school tuition organizations in the other dioceses, or if you would like you funds to remain in your community, contact jwells@dmdiocese or call 515-237-5010, for contact information.
  3. Pledges are now being accepted for 2022. 

There is a 4th option to designate your gift this year to the Catholic Education Endowment as part of the IgniteI Campaign.  As we look to the future of Catholic education in our Diocese, building this endowment will help in a number of long-term strategic ways to provide additional tuition assistance, over and above CTO, which increases the cash flow to our schools allowing them, most importantly to move salaries for our teachers to a more just wage.  For more information on this option, go to https://www.dmdiocese.org/giving/ignite/catholic-education-endowment.

The Catholic Tuition Organization provides tuition assistance to students who attend one of the 16 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Des Moines.  Qualifying families meet income guidelines based on family size and their assistance is based on their financial need.  CTO provided up to 53% of tuition to qualifying families.

For more information about applying for assistance or to donate to CTO, contact Jeanne Wells Thill, at [email protected] or 515-419-4651.

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