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Taking Time to Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 verse 18 says: In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, this is the perfect time to reflect on for which we are thankful. The Catholic Tuition Organization has had a fantastic year, and we have so many blessings to count!

First, our wonderful donors have helped us reach our 2021 fundraising goal early. We raised just over $3.4 million by Oct. 1 – that’s never been done before! We’re touched by the generosity of our donors and cannot thank them enough! What a great reason to give thanks!

Of course, CTO exists for the students who receive tuition assistance. Our recipient families are at the heart of our mission to help make Catholic education accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. Students in our Catholic schools receive an exceptional, faith-based education that prepares them to be contributing members of our society with strong moral character. What a blessing!

We can’t forget the people who run our Catholic schools! Principals, teachers, priests, and anyone on staff at our great Catholic schools are the reason we have 16 thriving Catholic schools in our diocese. These hardworking individuals give so much to the students who attend their schools, and we are incredibly grateful for them!

Lastly, we’re grateful to all our supporters from those who donate to those who share our social media posts and spread the message of CTO through word of mouth. You’re helping to raise awareness and keep the program strong – thank you!

CTO is truly blessed! Have a happy Thanksgiving, and we hope you’re able to enjoy quality time with friends and family!

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